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Welcome to St. Louis Physical Therapy, the premier out-patient physical therapy practice in the St. Louis region. At St. Louis Physical Therapy, our promise is to provide the following to the St. Louis community:

  • Exceptional quality of physical therapy to all of our patients.
  • Modern, clean and uplifting facilities to our patients and physicians.
  • Personal and professional relationships with our patients and referring physicians.

Our passion for physical therapy and for first class customer service is the driving force behind St. Louis Physical Therapy. We want to have offices where people would feel confident referring their friends and family for physical therapy. At St. Louis Physical Therapy, average is not acceptable. To ensure we are superior, our patients should expect the following:

  • Appointments that begin on time.
  • A front office staff that greets you with respect and courtesy at every appointment.
  • Consistency with their physical therapy care. All our therapists are highly trained and will provide you with superior manual therapy treatment.
  • One-on-one time with your therapist during each appointment.
  • Detailed communication with your physician on your behalf.

Thank you for allowing St. Louis Physical Therapy to be your physical therapy provider. Please let us know if we or our staff can do anything to make your experience better!

Michael Gorman, PhD, PT, DMT, FAAOMPT, Kerstin Benya, PT, COMT, MBA, and Brian Hu, DPT, DMT, FAAOMPT.