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STLPT Services

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain impacts the lives of millions of Americans each and every day. From head to toe, we’re trained to alleviate your pain so you can enjoy life again.

Post-Surgery Rehab

Most often, people who require therapy after surgery need specialized, hands on care. With our expertly trained therapists, you will get the best possible treatment to maximize results and get you back to your activities quickly.

Injury Recovery

When faced with an unexpected injury, STLPT can get you quickly on the path to recovery quickly with our hands-on, intricate soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques.

Running Analysis

Running injuries affect nearly 1 in 3 runners at any given time each year, requiring multiple month rest breaks and sometimes medical intervention (NIH 2009). STLPT provides a running analysis to help you avoid injury.


A lesser known, but very effective option of treating TMJ pain, is physical therapy. Most patients with this condition are told that surgery is their only way of getting rid of their pain. While surgery can help in extreme cases, St. Louis Physical Therapy has found that therapy can be a way to avoid surgery and get better at the same time.

Sport Rehab

Our goal is to get the athlete back to their pre injury level of function with their specific athletic event. Our therapists understand athletes specific biomechanical needs for optimal healing.

Balance and Vestibular

A common cause of dizziness and balance problems is from the vestibular system or the inner ear. Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise program designed to help control symptoms and help individuals who have these disorders remain active and meet daily physical challenges more safely

Kinesio Taping

Clinical evidence of utilizing kinesio tape shows improvements after use with swelling and bruising, muscle facilitation, and bracing excessive joint mobility. Our physical therapists are trained on proper taping techniques, helping to speed up recovery.


Orthotic inserts can help with reducing pain and abnormal stresses on many areas of the body, including the feet, knees, hips, and lower back. STLPT offers a variety of orthotic inserts to suit individual patient needs.

Dry Needling

With Dry Needling, the placement of the needles is dependent on objective findings discovered during the physical therapy evaluation. Dry Needling is based on neuro-anatomy and modern scientific study of both the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems and can have positive effects on both systems.

Workers’ Comp

St. Louis Physical Therapy understands employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Our highly trained manual physical therapists provide injured employees with individualized care specific to their work related injury, ensuring employees can safely return to work without delay.